Castle Map Pack At PAX East(DLC Of The Week 3-15-13)

343 Industries confirmed Thursday that the Halo 4 Castle Map Pack will be part of the Xbox 360 festivities at PAX East later this month along with a panel focusing on the game’s multiplayer. Three more screenshots for the upcoming DLC were released as well.

Halo 4 and the Castle Map Pack will be playable at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 booth for PAX East which takes place the weekend of March 22. This will give attendees an exclusive sneak peak at the DLC which is currently scheduled to be released to Xbox LIVE on April 8. You can check out the latest beauty shots for the three new maps – Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition – in our slideshow gallery.

343 Industries will also be hosting a PAX East panel titled “Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present and Future” at 5 p.m. EST on Friday, March 22. Here is the description of what will be talked about and which personalities from the studio will be attending.

Halo 4's Daybreak map from the Castle Map Pack.
Halo 4’s Daybreak map from the Castle Map Pack.
Photo credit:
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

“Halo 4 delivered a unique set of multiplayer experiences, immersing players in an episodic campaign with Spartan Ops, while delivering more breadth and depth in the expanded War Games sandbox. You’ve played the Majestic Map Pack and may even have had a chance to play Castle Map Pack on the floor here at PAX. Come prepared to hear 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor, Kevin Franklin, Dan Ayoub and David Ellis, as well as Certain Affinity’s Tom Potter discuss where we’ve been, where we are, and what is on the horizon for Halo 4 Multiplayer.”


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