Next-Gen X-Box 720 Leaker Raided By Police(X-Box 360 2-20-13) LATE (2-21-13)

So, a lot of us have been exited for the X-box 720 since it was announced most of us wanted to learn more about it. but there was a man in Australia that goes by the name “SuperDaE” attempted to sell an alleged X-Box 720 development kit.

Now things like this were bound to happen because the X-Box 720 is very anticipated like any new system. And even i expected something like this to happen, but not this far away from its release date.

SuperDaE shared a copy of his warrant with The Tech Game which revealed that Microsoft, PayPal and eBay were all part of the investigation. This is probably due to the fact that he tried to sell an alleged Xbox 720 development kit on the auction site last August.

The Verge has managed to confirm that the warrant is genuine, as is Microsoft’s supposed involvement, which is pretty telling. If the company has decided to pursue DaE then it’s a fairly safe bet that the material he’s leaked in the past as well as the Durango dev kit he tried to sell are genuine.

DaE first rose to prominence last year when he posted what he claimed to be images of the Xbox 720 Durango dev kit online. Since then he’s also shared rumours about the PlayStation 4’s specs as well as suggested that the Xbox 720 will need Kinect to function.


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