Mass Effect DLC Finally Out!……..Next Week….Hopefully(DLC of The Week 2-15-13)


Hello once again! I am here again to bring you your latest news on this weeks DLC. Now this week was supposed to be the release of some Mass Effect DLC, but now they say it will be “Hopefully” released next week, which is a big disappointment to the gamers that have been waiting for it.

Ok, now Twitter has seen quite a lot of clues and hints at future content, and has been effective in bridging the gap between developers, publishers, and fans. Bioware in particular has released a number of bits of information for consumers to ponder, analyze, and get excited for regarding all of their games.Today, another such event occurred, this time regarding the confirmed DLC for Mass Effect 3. Chris Priestly, a community developer working on the third installment of the Mass Effect, wrote on his twitter account regarding the upcoming DLC, “We’ll reveal details as soon as the team is comfortable it is locked and complete. Hopefully next week.”

Alright,so that’s all for me this week, I will see you next Monday!


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