The Year of Luigi (Wii U 2-14-13)

Ok. so I’ve just finished watching today’s Nintendo Direct (I’ll Link the video at the bottom of the post) and they have called this year “The Year of Luigi”. Now if you don’t already know Luigi has been Mario’s lesser counterpart…but that could change very quickly.

Mr.Iwata said  “Luigi has been a great partner and rival for Mario.” which is true, but I personally think he deserves more credit than that. And even after Luigi appeared, he didn’t even get his own game until 18 years later.

Now, back to the video. Nintendo has fully focused itself on Luigi and now they’re planning on releasing a good amount of games for him. I hope the games do well for all the effort they’ve put into the title.

Ok, so I could go on for quite some time talking about this Nintendo Direct, but I’m limited on time,  I’ll post the link so you can see it for yourself, Enjoy.



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