Crysis 3: Hunter Mode, And the Newest Episode (X-Box 360 2-13-13)

Ok everybody, hello and welcome back to infovideogamer and we’re here with my favorite subject, X-Box 360, and I have found two articles about the Crysis game (for x-box 360). And this is something I’m really excited about.

Ok, on with the first thing! Hunter mode for the online multiplayer. I got to play a little of this myself on the demo, and it was very fun. You have the choice of either being CELL or the Hunters themselves. After playing this for a while I noticed that it’s pretty evenly matched. While the hunters have stealth the CELL have a proximity censor. And I think its a really fun game mode.

Ok, now on to the newest episode. I’m not going to say anything that will spoil it. But, as always, it’s very climatic and at the end you wont want to wait for the next one.


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