Aliens, Star Wars, and Soul Suspect(New Games 2-11-13)


Since the announcement of the “Aliens: Colonial Marines” game, people have been excited about it. And now they’ve announced a DLC season pass. The season pass will be priced at 2400 Microsoft Points (Or $30.00) on Xbox 360 and $30 on PS3 and PC, it offers an almost 40% discount on four planned DLC packs when compared to the price of buying them individually.


Obsidian wants to make another Star Wars RPG. The developer behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II told Rock, Paper, Shotgun it piqued LucasArts’ interest with the idea before the publisher and its parent company were bought up by Disney.

Urquhart said his company hasn’t pitched Disney yet, but he isn’t too worried about its increased focus on mobile and social games for the Star Wars franchise. As the new console generation shakes out and things settle down, the game concept will hopefully speak for itself.


Murdered: Soul Suspect, a mysterious new game from Square Enix, surfaced today. The site shows only a cryptic logo, likely the same which has been showing up in scraps on Murdered’s Twitter account. But a hidden “evidence” page yields the above image of a man sprawled out on the street with some broken detritus scattered about him. The site’s title asks, “What is the hardest case to solve?” Square Enix has confirmed the project is one of its own, and it is headed for current-generation consoles and PC. Sadly, this diminishes our theory that Murdered is an HD remake of Ghost Trick.



Star Wars:

Soul Suspect:


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